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17-sai Hajimete no H

Other Title(s): 17 First H Manga, First Sexual Experience at Age 17
: ShoujoMagic
Drama, Romance, Shoujo, SmutSummary: A collection of short stories revolving around a girl’s first time!

1) A Boy’s Suggestion by SHINJO Mayu

2) Virgin Beast by MINAMI Kanan

3) Let’s Go Be Daring!!! by AYUKAWA Mio

4) When I’m with You, I Won’t Be Home ’til Morning! by KOUSAKA Yuuka

5) The Awakening of Love by SAKURAI Miya

6) Smooch Smooch Smooch by MASUZAKI Yoshino

7) Sweet Desires by SHIGANO Iori

Manga Download:

17-sai Hajimete no H Complete

Jumat, 09 Juli 2010

Samurai Darling

Title: Samurai Darling
Mangaka: HARUTA Nana
Genre: Comedy Romance Shoujo
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlator: Entropy
Summary: Compilation of short stories:
1) Samurai Darling - Amiko saw a boy dressed like a samurai at a school festival. What will she do?
2) Toumei Shoujo (Lucid Girl) - Yuki rejects a present from his childhood friend Risa, but something happens and he sees things from a different point of view.
3) Some Kind of Childhood - Rika doesn't understand the point of kissing. Will she change her mind?

Volume 1 (END)

Cinema Empire

Title: Cinema Empire
Mangaka: AKAISHI Michiyo
Length: 4 volumes (Complete)
Genre: Drama Romance Shoujo Supernatural
Scanlator: Esthetique
Summary: Kaori was adopted by Hokuto Ryouzou after her grandmother died. She has the power of a shaman or "uta" of Okinawa, whose left eye can see others' future. The Hokuto family owns the "Hokuto Group," the leading movie company in Japan, and Kaori is behind its success. When Hokuto Ryouzou dies, it is written in his will that whichever son of his that Kaori chooses to marry must leave with her and will not be president of the Hokuto Group. Kaori chooses to marry Youhei instead of the one she really loves, Seiya.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4 (COMPLETE)

Yokujou Kiss

Title: Yokujou Kiss
Mangaka: MAKI Hiina
Genre: Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)
Scanlator: ShoujoMagic
1) Passion Kiss (Yokujou Kisu One night) - Manatsu has a dream of an incredibly fulfilling kiss. "Who was the boy in my dream? That's the first time a kiss has made my chest ache." That's when Manatsu gets a feeling from her classmate, Morishima-kun -- the same feeling she got from the boy in the dream. Without thinking, and despite the fact she already has a boyfriend, she... (!!!)
2) Second Virgins (Sekando Vaajinzu) - Kawori is prepped and ready to lose her virginity to Shunsuke... until he penetrates her and it hurts like hell. She wants him to stop, but he can't. They get into a fight and stop talking after that. Then, one and a half years later, Kawori gets coerced into attending a singles party -- and Shunsuke is there! ...As the boyfriend of Kawori's friend Nao? How will Kawori and Shunsuke handle their unresolved feelings?
3) Eternal Summer, Fleeting Summer (Eien no Natsu, Isshun no Natsu) - The first love letter Takeshita Riho wrote was to Sakurai Touma, the class president she had a crush on from second to sixth grade, but the letter never got sent. ...Until now, when Riho's meddlesome friend mails it out. To Riho's surprise, Touma writes back and responds well to her feelings! He's just as Riho remembers him, and the way he writes makes it sound like those elementary school days were the most important of his life. What Riho doesn't realize is the heart-breaking (and tear-jerking) reason why...
Volume 1 (END)


Title: Kizuato
Mangaka: YOSHIHARA Yuki
Genre: Shoujo Romance Smut
Length: Oneshot
Scanlator: Nekohana and Eden
Summary: Noriko's Husband had been passed away in a car accident as she has been known. She has a trauma from that car accident. For that pitiful reason, her father sent a man named Saeki to her as her play-thing. But what is the real motive behind this?


Senin, 05 Juli 2010

Faster Than A Kiss

Other Title(s): Kiss Yori mo Hayaku, Kisu yori mo Hayaku, Kiss Yori mo Hayaku, Tsuki to Himawari
Mangaka: TANAKA Meca
Scanlator: Intercross, Serenus-Dreamers, Yatta!-Scans, Kumquat Scans
Summary: After losing their parents, Fumiko and her brother hop from one relative to another. Getting tired of all those movings, she finally decides to quit school and work to support her brother on her own. As they sat on a park bench, her teacher appears in front of her and agrees to her demanding of marrying and supporting both her and her brother!! Is he serious or just playing around…!?

Manga Downloads:
Volume 1 Ch. 0
Volume 1 Ch. 1
Volume 1 Ch. 2
Volume 1 Ch. 3
Volume 1 Extra Story
Volume 2 Ch.4
Volume 2 Ch.5
Volume 2 Ch. 6
Volume 2 Ch. 7
Volume 3 Ch. 8
Volume 3 Ch. 9
Volume 3 Ch. 10
Volume 3 Ch. 11
Volume 3 Ch. 12
Volume 4 Ch. 13
Volume 4 Ch. 14
Volume 4 Ch. 15
Volume 4 Ch. 16
Volume 4 Ch. 17
Volume 4 Ch. 17.5
Volume 5 Ch. 18
Volume 5 Ch. 19
Volume 5 Ch. 20
Volume 5 Ch. 21
Volume 5 Ch. 22
Volume 6 Ch. 23
Volume 6 Ch. 24
Volume 6 Ch. 25
Volume 6 Ch. 26
Volume 6 Ch. 27
Volume 7 Ch. 28

Addicted to Curry


Other Title(s): Curry naru Shokutaku, Karei naru Shokutaku
Mangaka: Funatsu Kazuki
Scanlator: Solaris-SVU, Yamitsuki Anime, NCIS
Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen, Hentai
Summary: Koenji Makito seemed left for dead, when a meeting with a curry chef turned his life around. While searching for this saviour, he comes across his daughter, who is in the processing of closing her missing father’s curry restaurant. Makito then offers his exceptional culinary skills, and the restaurant is reopened, and ready for business
(summary from Solaris-SUV).

Manga Download:

Volume 1 Ch 01-10
Volume 2 Ch 01-21
Volume 3 Ch 22-31
Volume 4 Ch 32-42
Volume 5 Ch 43-53
Volume 6 Ch 54-62

Volume 1 ch 1
Volume 1 ch 2
Volume 1 ch 3
Volume 1 ch 4
Volume 1 ch 5
Volume 1 ch 6
Volume 1 ch 7
Volume 1 ch 8
Volume 1 ch 9
Volume 1 ch 10
Volume 2 ch 11
Volume 2 ch 12
Volume 2 ch 13
Volume 2 ch 14
Volume 2 ch 15
Volume 2 ch 16
Volume 2 ch 17
Volume 2 ch 18
Volume 2 ch 19
Volume 2 ch 20
Volume 2 ch 21
Volume 3 ch 22
Volume 3 ch 23
Volume 3 ch 24
Volume 3 ch 25
Volume 3 ch 26
Volume 3 ch 27
Volume 3 ch 28
Volume 3 ch 29
Volume 3 ch 30
Volume 3 ch 31
Volume 4 ch 32
Volume 4 ch 33
Volume 4 ch 34
Volume 4 ch 35
Volume 4 ch 36
Volume 4 ch 37
Volume 4 ch 38
Volume 4 ch 39
Volume 4 ch 40
Volume 4 ch 41
Volume 4 ch 42
Volume 4 Recipes
Volume 5 ch 43
Volume 5 ch 44
Volume 5 ch 45
Volume 5 ch 46
Volume 5 ch 47
Volume 5 ch 48
Volume 5 ch 49
Volume 5 ch 50
Volume 5 ch 51
Volume 5 ch 52
Volume 5 ch 53
Volume 6 ch 54
Volume 6 ch 55
Volume 6 ch 56
Volume 6 ch 57
Volume 6 ch 58
Volume 6 ch 59
Volume 6 ch 60
Volume 6 ch 61
Volume 6 ch 62
Volume 7 ch 63
Volume 7 ch 64
Volume 7 ch 65
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